Vacationing In Europe? Pack In Some Style and Warm Clothes!

836b951aa79a10c802b65c3a90c869daThe beauty of winter, breathtaking sights, holiday season all beckon you to Europe. Its fantastic that you thought of this trip. But you might almost find yourself being dyslexic when you have to choose your clothing for your vacation. For one, it cannot be too bulky, lest it cause you trouble of lugging your bags around. Second, you must add in a style quotient. Fashion in Europe is considered a normal thing to have. One look around and you see people being so chic and fashionable.

For some style tips check club la costa on pinterest. Your frumpy clothing, you thought was good to keep you warm may look like you probably landed from mars and are an alien species. Note that Europe is sophisticated in many ways. Take for example the website This a hobby developed by two Swedish students and today it is using cutting-edge technology. Even the website looks chic! A Europe holiday is all about experiencing the latest in trends and fashion combined with some very beautiful locales to take your breath away.

So it’s important to get the basics right.

1. It’s a no-brainer to pack a few pairs of thermals first. Look for the best brands if you have no budget constraints, ones which are thin and yet provide you with maximum warmth. Quality is important. With that in place, you can appear neat always, without having to add extra inches because of bulky or ill-fitting clothing.

2. Try minimizing on heavy woolens. Sweaters are cozy but it takes up the space of four to five tops. Since you’ve packed thermals, team up your thermals with some tops instead. Keep a a couple of thin but warm cardigans or woolen tops.

3. Carry a pair of black pants or leggings. The good thing about black is that it can go with anything. Europe is not into bling colors. So look at tasteful, sophisticated shades that do not hurt the eye, unless you realized that bling was in vogue.

4. Accessorize! Layers are the best way to manage temperature fluctuations. Pair up your tops with accessories like scarves, gloves and hats. There are different kinds of scarves to choose from and they can change your look entirely. Scarves also keep your neck warm in the winter cold and are good accessories for flights. Not to mention they add to the overall style quotient. A good T-shirt, jeans and a scarf makes a great combination.

5. Do not pack too many pairs of shoes. Try to zero in on one that keeps your feet warm, does not allow any moisture enter to your feet/ soles. If you think it works, try a pair of boots instead of shoes. You can wear them everywhere. Keep only one extra pair of shoes.

6. The final layer you can add on is a coat. A tip before you pack one into your bag, find one that will protect you from the temperatures you’re about to face during your trip, know to what extent the temperature will dip and ensure your coat will keep you warm in those freezing temperatures. There is no point if you take a fancy one along and freeze yourself to death. That does not mean you don’t get fancy ones that keep you warm, you do. But first priority should be warmth. Be ready for sporadic rains or drizzles. Pick one that’s waterproof. Take a size or two bigger, so you can fit in all the layered clothing underneath. Let the sleeves be longer, it’ll give you protection from the cold.

Your coat is pretty much the last layer you will add to shield yourself from dipping temperatures. So choose a good one.

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