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Read All About The 21 Day Fix Extreme Review!

exercise-600x300If you are seriously interested in reducing your weight and looking slim and toned why not give the 21 day fix workout schedule a closer look? This amazing weight-loss program promises to deliver absolute results within a very short span of time!

Why Is There Such A Great Interest In losing Weight?
There are plenty of reasons why overweight man and women are now trying to shed those extra pounds. According to the facts published at https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html around one-third of U.S. adults have obesity. If we convert that figure into a percentage a whopping 36.5% of this great nation’s men and women are now suffering from the effects of being overweight. Is it any great wonder that there is now a great rise in the incidence of preventable deaths occurring from cardiovascular disorders and strokes in this country? This unhealthy attitude has started to affect children too, as most kids are encouraged to indulge in snacks and junk food.

Today, there are many fitness regimens out there. A simple search on the internet often brings out a plethora of workout programs, some of which feature the most prominent names in the fitness industry.

Amongst these, the best ones till date have been The 21 Day Fix Program and The 21 Day Fix Extreme Program by celeb trainer Autumn Calabrese. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are just work-out programs. This fitness program consists of a comprehensive package. While in The 21 Day Fix Program the workouts are always under 30 minutes, in the Extreme version the workouts are usually between 30-35 minutes each. Both programs guarantee weight loss of around 15 pounds during the program’s period of 21 days.

About The 21 Day Fix Extreme Program
The general rule is that this program is best suited for those who have already experienced the workout sessions in the original version, as some of the exercises in these DVDs look a little bit too complicated. But, for those who have already got some experience in regular exercises, these workouts will be much easier.

Let’s take a brief look the workouts that are being shown in this program, shall we?

1. The Plyo Fix- These are some seriously difficult and intense exercises designed to burn those calories!
2. The Lower Fix- Get your butt looking toned with these weighted squats and lunges!
3. The Upper Fix Extreme- Let’s get rid of that flab you have accumulated on your arms and chest with these cool and easy workouts! Get well-toned biceps!!
4. The Extreme Cardio Fix- These is super exercises designed to get that heart pumping and racing!
5. Yoga- This traditional workout from India is a must for calming the body after the intensity of the workouts. Muscles gain strength while the mind becomes rejuvenated.
6. Pilates- This is a must for serious weight-loss and body strengthening. It will require the use of resistance bands and is designed to tone out the flabby abdominal muscles.
7. Extreme Bonus- This is an intensive range of workouts, involving the use of certain equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands.