Month: November 2016

Latest Fashion News: Wear White!

white-shirt_p2646Are you on of those girls that love to shop for the latest trendy clothes? But, are you afraid of making a mistake and adding yet another fashion failure to your wardrobe? Would you like to know the secret that successful fashionistas all over the world use to upgrade their wardrobe?

The next time you go shopping, either alone or with your friends, and you find yourself staring at an outfit that looks so fab, just ask yourself this question- Do you love it? Can you see yourself wearing it to the party, to the wedding or to the office? Does it have what it takes to accentuate your looks, and define your personality? If the answer is in the affirmative, you have just found the perfect outfit!

According to the website, there has been a dramatic increase in the retail sales of nations like the United Kingdom. People today are no longer hesitant to try out new styles and are not perturbed by the price tags that come with their chosen outfits. Everyone wants to outdo each other, and one of the best ways to do that is to wear the best outfit available.

One of the latest trends that have taken the world by storm is the craze for outfits that are white. Believe it or not, for the first time in history, solid and pastel colors have taken the backseat. Today, it is not just the blushing bride that wears white to the wedding. There are now so many outfits available, that too in just about every shade of white- from the dazzling white to the muted off-white.

White dresses have always been perfect for an outing during the spring and summer seasons. It has always been the classic choice for all those who wished to look cool yet elegant. The color white can be worn in a number of different ways, from simply gorgeous maxi dresses to trendsetting white casual dresses. With the right accessories, a new and refreshing look can be created every single time.

Usually, ladies try to avoid wearing white. This is by far the most easiest color dress to ruin. Even a small drop can cause a stain of monumental proportions. But, staining these dresses ought not to be such a nightmare. There are now plenty of stain-removal products and even professional dry-cleaners that can get the clothes sparkling in no time.

An outfit in white can be worn at any occasion. You can wear to the club, to the beach, to a wedding, or even to the office. A white sleeveless dress is sure to make heads turn as you walk down the street.

What really pulls off the effect of the simplicity of the color is the fashion accessories that will be used in combination with these dresses. A brightly colored scarf, for instance, can bring out the chicness of the outfit, along with a pair of dark sunglasses. Chunky jewelry, however, ought to be avoided as it spoils the overall effect that you are aiming for.
Wear white this season and experience a fresh new perspective to fashion!

Read All About The 21 Day Fix Extreme Review!

exercise-600x300If you are seriously interested in reducing your weight and looking slim and toned why not give the 21 day fix workout schedule a closer look? This amazing weight-loss program promises to deliver absolute results within a very short span of time!

Why Is There Such A Great Interest In losing Weight?
There are plenty of reasons why overweight man and women are now trying to shed those extra pounds. According to the facts published at around one-third of U.S. adults have obesity. If we convert that figure into a percentage a whopping 36.5% of this great nation’s men and women are now suffering from the effects of being overweight. Is it any great wonder that there is now a great rise in the incidence of preventable deaths occurring from cardiovascular disorders and strokes in this country? This unhealthy attitude has started to affect children too, as most kids are encouraged to indulge in snacks and junk food.

Today, there are many fitness regimens out there. A simple search on the internet often brings out a plethora of workout programs, some of which feature the most prominent names in the fitness industry.

Amongst these, the best ones till date have been The 21 Day Fix Program and The 21 Day Fix Extreme Program by celeb trainer Autumn Calabrese. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are just work-out programs. This fitness program consists of a comprehensive package. While in The 21 Day Fix Program the workouts are always under 30 minutes, in the Extreme version the workouts are usually between 30-35 minutes each. Both programs guarantee weight loss of around 15 pounds during the program’s period of 21 days.

About The 21 Day Fix Extreme Program
The general rule is that this program is best suited for those who have already experienced the workout sessions in the original version, as some of the exercises in these DVDs look a little bit too complicated. But, for those who have already got some experience in regular exercises, these workouts will be much easier.

Let’s take a brief look the workouts that are being shown in this program, shall we?

1. The Plyo Fix- These are some seriously difficult and intense exercises designed to burn those calories!
2. The Lower Fix- Get your butt looking toned with these weighted squats and lunges!
3. The Upper Fix Extreme- Let’s get rid of that flab you have accumulated on your arms and chest with these cool and easy workouts! Get well-toned biceps!!
4. The Extreme Cardio Fix- These is super exercises designed to get that heart pumping and racing!
5. Yoga- This traditional workout from India is a must for calming the body after the intensity of the workouts. Muscles gain strength while the mind becomes rejuvenated.
6. Pilates- This is a must for serious weight-loss and body strengthening. It will require the use of resistance bands and is designed to tone out the flabby abdominal muscles.
7. Extreme Bonus- This is an intensive range of workouts, involving the use of certain equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands.

Top Packing Tips For Your Next Vacation


Going for a holiday trip is the most exciting thing in life. Just pick the right destination and explore different locations and resorts. The biggest mistake most of the travelers do is packing too much in their suitcase. You don’t overload your suitcases with clothing and accessories unless it is required. Not only you will uncomfortable to carry your luggage but you will also want to pay more if your suitcase adds up weight than recommended for the destination place.

Have you received a compliment of clc world free holiday offer? Then it is glad news that you can enjoy their vacation offer with your friends or family. You can speak to the professionals working in the company and know more about their free holiday offer.

There are some people who think about work always. This increases their stress and reduces their performance. The psychological fact is that taking either a short or a long break from your work either as a picnic or vacation offers several benefits. You can check the website to understand the how vacation adds value to your personal and professional life.

This article focuses on the packing tips for a week’s time and the preparation idea so that it will be helpful when packing for your next vacation.

The biggest suggestion or tip given by most of the traveling-experts is that you must wear your bulky clothing during your travel. Heavy outfits like a sweatshirt or jacket or sweater so that you will feel warm in the cooler climate. The airlines only weigh your bags and not you. This gives more space to your bag.

You must buy a lightweight bag or suitcase so that you will be able to pack to pack more items in your bag or suitcase. You never pack any items that are easily affordable and accessible in the local shops or resorts in the destination country. For example, shampoos, conditioners are the cheapest things so it will not cost more in the foreign country. Don’t pack towels, sheets too since the resort will offer you all such things and this saves your bag space.

Don’t pack too much of dress and if possible pack the dresses that you can combine easily with other dresses so that you will not look in the same dress like any other day and takes up less bag space. If possible roll some of the dress items if possible and don’t fold it. For instance, you can put underwear in the gaps and tuck in rolled-up socks into shoes.

Don’t forget to pack toiletries and medicines. You must pack your regular medicines, if any. Though you can get medicines in the foreign country, you may get side effects sometimes so it helps to pack your usual medicines and also medicines for fever, cold, cough, headaches etc. You must pack a small toothpaste and a toothbrush. Leave your hair dryers and other small similar electrical devices at home since the power plugs may differ in your destination country and it may fuse the components inside your device.

Follow These Tips To Complete The 24 Day Challenge Easily

generalized-1200-cal-indian-diet-menu-for-weight-lossHave you taken up the AdvoCare 24 day challenge? Then go ahead and read this post. Learn how to get the maximum out of your challenge bundle. Check the below tips to discover how to successfully complete your 24 day challenge. When you take up the challenge it is crucial to read the daily guide. Do not straight away dive into the box and start testing the product. Look at the product and read the guide thoroughly. There are 24 days to go but it is advised to take one day at a time. Plan your meals chart every weekend in advance for the following week. You can plan a typical diet for breakfast and lunch but for dinner try a different meal. Prepare the grocery list and start shopping. You can hang it somewhere you notice it regularly so that you know what you should have for dinner. This way you can be organized and less stressful.

There is no need to be obsessed with a particular type of food. If you do not like what you are eating just discontinue. This challenge will teach you not to be obsessed with any particular food. You can also chalk down what you find fun eating. This can give you a plan for the rest of the days. Such simple lists will give you an opportunity to look back and share with the coach. In case you are stuck in between this can ease you out. If you want to feel more organized, try writing on the Facebook page. This way you can provide useful tips to others. Read, if you are stuck in the challenge. See what the statistics have to say about obesity at

Take assistance of your family member or friend to tackle the 24 days. It can be fun to have someone by your side to understand what you are through. Having a close family member with you in the challenge can put an end to unwanted temptations as they will understand the value of the challenge. Before taking the challenge, take a photograph of yourself and also measure your body to enjoy the visible changes.

If you have your birthday, anniversary, festival or any other special occasions falling within the 24 days challenge, wait until it is over and then start the challenge. The most important rule is not to cheat in the challenge. Do not sneak on a treat in nibbles and think it will not affect the challenge. Be sincere with the task and only true commitment can work wonders for your body. A single bite is a temptation to have more and more. There are some challenges that are friendly, do not lose heart try to complete it without giving a break. It will definitely be worth it. If you need motivation, talk to your coach for guidance. But go on, do not stop in between.

The 24 day challenge can accomplish the task of losing weight without exercise. Yet there is nothing that can do wonders to your body than increases your heart rate up by a few beats. Even a simple exercise for 20 minutes could help in this challenge. Water and water, drink lots of it and see your skin will glow.